What's New:

We've just released our newest Sixwill Session featuring The Spill Canvas's original song "The Tide."  This is the first time the song has been recorded as a full band electric release and it was recorded here in our Studio A Live room in Bethlehem! See it in our Videos page here on our site.


At Sixwill studio, we are dedicated to capturing the performance and sound unique to each artist and band that walks through our doors.  Whether you’re a seasoned performer, songwriter, touring band or an independent artist just beginning to break into the scene, recorded materials are a necessity to further your career.  Now with two locations in Ossining NY and Bethlehem PA.

More than just a studio

In todays music industry, it’s becoming easier to record with just a few pieces of gear at home.  Here at Sixwill, we don’t believe that a studio facility and the gear that occupies it should be what you pay for with your studio experience.  In addition to some great gear and a nice space to be creative, we specialize in helping you develop your music and focus on capturing your performance in a recording.  If you are a solo artist, or a small ensemble and you’re looking for that bigger sound, we have both in house, and outside studio musicians available to create that feel and groove you’ve been looking for.

If you’re a vocalist looking to co-write your material, or even looking for some original pre-written material to record and perform, set up a consultation with us and we can write songs tailor-made for your style and performance.

A Brief History

(Certain to be extended!) 

Sixwill Studios was founded in 2012 by Anthony Melillo and Nyke Van Wyk.  Beginning in Ossining NY, the founders believed in developing a recording studio for artists, run by artists.  With extensive collective experience and success amongst them through performance, touring and studio time, they formed an idea to help upcoming artists record their music and passion to share to the world. Through this idea, Sixwill Studios was born.

At the beginning of 2013, Sixwill teamed up with John Rupp opening a second location in Bethlehem PA.  John Rupp with an incredible resumé which includes working with bands like Boyce Avenue, Second Hand Serenade, Misterwives, Motion City Soundtrack and The Spill Canvas. John brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise as the head engineer of Sixwill Studios. You can view his bio here under our "Team" section on our website.